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Spin-Tilt-Rotate  – Top Mount Engine Stand

VMT Top Mount Engine Stand shown with the VMT Run Kit Option

The most versatile motorcycle engine stand on the market!

Spin-Tilt-Rotate Engine Stand – Top Mount Engine Stand manufactured in Houston, Texas at “VMT Vintage Motorcycle Tools” and sold exclusively on eBay Motors, features a Top Mount Engine stand with an adjustable link that makes it “Universal” great for the following:

Spins motor 360° on the workbench
Hangs motor out, off the edge of the workbench,
Great for de-greasing and “dirty work” over a trash can.

Tilts motor to a 45° angle and spins 360°
Provides easy access during mechanical rebuilds,
Secures engine parts from toppling forward during reassembly.

Rotates from horizontal to an upright position & can spin 360°
Holds motor upright for wire brushing/ polishing/ painting,
Perfect for final assembly.

VMT Engine Stands attach all types of vintage motorcycle engines, ATV or trail bike engines 110cc & smaller to your work bench, pedestal, or a sturdy work cart.  Test start and run the engine while still locked in the engine stand.


Engine removes / installs in seconds
Durable LASER CUT Steel construction & dry powder paint finish
Stops motor from rolling around your work bench like a frozen turkey.

Top Mount version Engine Stand 

Top Mount suspends the motor on two mounting pins that lets you quickly slide the motor onto the stand.  The mounting hole pattern is laser cut steel plate to perfectly align with your two bolt pattern.

Top Mount also comes with an adjustable link that suspends the motor on two adjustable mounting pins, designed to fit most Vintage Honda cycle engines and with the universal link the engine stand can accommodate a wide range of bikes!

Designed to fit Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, CT70, Z50, ST90, CZ, Ducati, Vespa, Piaggio, BMW, scooters, and ATVs.